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How We Work

Cologne Internationals Accounting Services is dedicated to upholding the principles of Six Sigma methodology to guarantee the highest level of quality in all departments. Our team is committed to achieving targeted goals and meeting all deadlines, including TAT (turnaround time), SLA (service level agreements), and KPI (key performance indicators).

Our methodology to work with clients:

  • The process of digitizing and converting physical documents such as sales and purchase invoices, bank statements, and employee payroll records into electronic format.
  • This could be reworded as "Facilitating document exchange within India through email, Dropbox, TeamViewer or remote desktop access."
  • In India, we meticulously review all necessary documents as per the job requirements. For instance, while working on accounts, we thoroughly examine all sales invoices, purchase invoices, bank statements, payroll records, and other relevant documents based on the year-end of the accounts. In case any information is missing, we send an email query to the client for clarification.
  • Once we receive the resolution from the client regarding the missing information, we commence working on the accounts using software as per the client's specifications. The finalization of accounts is done on either Excel or any other software recommended by the client.


We provide a free trial of our accounting and bookkeeping services for any of the packages offered. The trial includes up to 12 hours of work, and there will be no charges for this service.